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Nursing Home Medicaid Eligibility. No one looks forward to having a family member enter a nursing home and few people completely understand all of the Florida Medicaid eligibility requirements that can help them pay for it. We specialize in Florida Nursing Home Medicaid.

Long Term Care Medicaid. We specialize in helping families correctly arrange finances to meet eligibility guidelines for Florida’s Nursing Home Medicaid program when a family member requires a long-term nursing home stay. That means you have the financial specialists on your side, people who truly understand your Medicaid options.

Nursing Home Medicaid

Get the best nursing home care possible with the least out-of-pocket expense.

Florida Medicaid Eligibility

Make Florida Medicaid’s Institutionalized Care Program (ICP) work for you.

Long Term Care Medicaid

Contact and coordinate with an Experienced Medicaid Attorney within our exclusive network.

Why Spend Down Assets If You Don’t Need To?

We Help You Get Approved

Florida Medicaid Eligibility

Nursing Home Medicaid rules and regulations are tricky and with an attorney from our exclusive network, we can help you put in place the money saving tactics and strategies that will enable your family member to be eligible for Florida’s Medicaid Nursing Home Program – without having to spend down substantial portions of your assets to do so. We are the go-to team for Florida Medicaid and Long-Term Care Medicaid.

The Federal Government and the State of Florida continuously change Florida Medicaid eligibility rules, making it difficult for many people to know if they are using current information and making the right financial choices regarding a family member’s nursing home stay. When it comes to Florida Medicaid Eligibility, let us help you plan, organize, and obtain your Florida Medicaid APPROVAL today!

Florida’s Premier Nursing Home Medicaid Specialist

If you live in Florida, we’ll assist you in qualifying for Medicaid (ICP) to help
pay for Long Term Care in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility.

Nursing Home Medicaid, Florida Medicaid Eligibility

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We do not provide information for community-based Medicaid such as pregnancy, food stamps, or medical services for the community. We specialize in Nursing Home and Assisted living Facility Medicaid. For a list of county Medicaid office phone numbers and information regarding community Medicaid based programs and applying for Medicaid programs other than Nursing Home Medicaid or Assisted Living Medicaid for the elderly please click here.

Advantages of Using a Medicaid Specialist

Turning Benefits into Advantages
Medicaid Eligibility Inc. has 15 years of outstanding reputation as Florida’s premier Nursing Home Medicaid specialist and we believe it’s important for you to know exactly why. We use the team approach and have thousands of satisfied clients to prove our system works, and it works fast. We hope you will let us show you the way. Once you’ve become a Medicaid Eligibility Inc. client, you’ll enjoy a wide array of value-added benefits that will save you time and money, making your entire application process a positive, secure and purposeful experience from start to finish!

Superior Customer Service
At Florida Medicaid Eligibility Inc. we don’t just satisfy our clients, we exceed their expectations by addressing and solving the special needs they have and work closely with them throughout the Medicaid application process. By consistently delivering the highest level of customer service to you and your family, we have received countless recommendations from the friends and families of our clients.

Timely Medicaid Approvals
At Medicaid Eligibility Inc. the faster we get a client approved for Medicaid, the faster they can move on, enjoy life and stop worrying about their finances. That’s why obtaining prompt approvals on cases is so important to us. Medicaid Eligibility, Inc.’s case management system is designed to help us get cases approved in the shortest time possible. Our current average approval time is less than 30 days from the date we submit an application and we’re extremely proud of this remarkably quick rate of response. It’s no wonder why Nursing Homes are our largest source of referrals. We help them get speedy approvals with their caseload because they know they’ll get reimbursed from Medicaid faster when we are involved with their Florida Medicaid Eligibility and Long Term Care Medicaid.

Time-saving Convenience
Many of our older or disabled clients prefer not to have to travel to our office for face-to-face meetings. Florida Medicaid Eligibility has streamlined its process to effectively conduct business over the phone and through the mail. As a result, it has become much more convenient for families to provide us with the information we need to help get a loved one approved for Medicaid … from the comfort, their own home!

Nursing Home Medicaid

Long-Term Care Medicaid

While the rules may have changed many times, our needs have not. Medicaid eligibility requirements for the tens of thousands of Americans who must pay for long-term nursing home care became more stringent in 2005 when the President signed the Deficit Reduction Act in an effort to reduce the growth of government spending on entitlement programs such as Medicaid. We stay current on regulations for Long Term Care Medicaid Eligibility.

How will you pay?
The Federal Government did not provide an alternative financial mechanism to help families foot the bill when you or a family member must enter a nursing facility for what is often years of expensive supervised care. What was called “loopholes” allowing people to transfer assets to their children in order to qualify for Medicaid benefits were the very means that allowed many families to care for their loved ones without creating greater hardship for themselves and their families? We help you solved these problems for Florida Medicaid Eligibility-Florida Nursing Home Medicaid, Long Term Care Medicaid.

Money Saving Options for the Nursing Home Care Program
Our extensive knowledge of Medicaid rules and regulations along with our coordination with a Medicaid attorney from our exclusive network makes it easy for you to understand the money-saving options that can help your family member become eligible for the Florida Medicaid Nursing Home Program without having to “spend down” a substantial portion of their assets in the process!
The Federal Government and the State of Florida continuously change Medicaid rules, making it difficult for many people to know if they are using the current information and making the right choices regarding financial requirements and a family member’s Nursing Home Medicaid Eligibility. Let us help you plan, organize and obtain your APPROVAL for Florida Nursing Home Medicaid today!

What our customer say

”My father has been in a Nursing Home for over 5 years when we realized that he was coming to the end of his resources. Then we heard about Medicaid Eligibility, Inc. We learned from the friendly and knowledgeable Nursing Home specialists how Florida Medicaid works and the options available to us.”

Franco Arques

We learned the balance of my father’s resources could be preserved, and he could become eligible to apply for Medicaid. Medicaid Eligibility was patient and helpful, and explained the application and approval process step-by-step. They filed all of the necessary paperwork on our behalf, and kept us informed throughout.

James Lee

The kindness and consideration of the Nursing Home Medicaid Specialists to my father’s needs made the process easier for us so we could concentrate on other things. We don’t know the laws, or how the laws can benefit us, so we are glad we turned to Medicaid Eligibility for our needs.”

Julia Smith

“No one looks forward to having a family member enter a nursing home and few people completely understand all of the Medicaid eligibility requirements that can help them pay for it. At Medicaid Eligibility, Inc., we specialize solely in Florida nursing home Medicaid eligibility.  That means you have the experts on your side when it’s time to prepare for paying on-going nursing home expenses.”

Bob Ulrich

Nursing Home Medicaid | Florida Medicaid Eligibility

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Florida Medicaid Eligibility

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Nursing Home Medicaid, Florida Medicaid Eligibility

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